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Seasonal Maintenance: Spring Start Ups & Winter Blow Outs

We provide annual service for your irrigation system. Recommended maintenance happens twice each year, once in the spring to turn your irrigation system on, observe it in operation to check for any breaks, clogged heads, or sprinklers being blocked my plants. We make repairs needed and check your controller for programming.


Spring Start Ups

Winterizing your irrigation system can minimize major damage, but freezing temperatures in the winter can still have a negative effect on your sprinklers. We can reactivate your system and check every component for proper functionality, so you’ll know whether your system is working optimally before you really need to water your yard.

This is a $90.00 Charge plus GST for 1 hour of service with a qualified Technician.

Winter Blow Outs

Proper system maintenance is crucial to protecting your irrigation investment. Water sits in sprinkler system piping, popups, and valves once you stop using the system at the end of the summer, and these components can be very expensive to repair if they freeze and break. Using compressed air, we clear your irrigation system of stagnant water to protect it from freezing damage during the winter months.

Flat Rate of $115.00 + GST up to 6 Zones
7 - 12 Zones $120.00 + GST
13 Zone + Systems $150.00 + GST

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