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Jordon Jacobs - Owner and Operator


I started this company with a goal of educating others about the importance of water smart behaviour and to provide an efficient practice to irrigating spaces. My objective is to help people save water and money with their systems. Be it vegetables, decorative planting, or lawns, I pride myself on providing a professional approach to your installation and treat your property with the care and attention it deserves. With over 7 years of experience, I have designed and constructed over 50 irrigation systems in the Vancouver area.

With water becoming more and more of an issue during drier summer months, we need to be conscious of how effectively we use it. Harvesting rainwater for irrigation is a practice that has been in use many places around the world. Some also using it as a potable source. It has started to gain popularity throughout BC in recent years as many have been looking for options to collect, store, and use the rainwater from the wet seasons in an effort to conserve water. Renovations of existing sprinkler type irrigation systems have been a common way to combat high water usage. By taking out traditional sprinkler spray heads and installing sub surface driplines, we save water and water more efficiently.


My goal is to help my clients make the most efficient use of water in order to save money and resources.

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