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Landscape Lighting Design, Installation & Repairs

We serve Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Sea to Sky, Sunshine Coast and Gulf Islands


Enhance your home’s exterior by illuminating pathways, accenting garden features, and adding warmth to outdoor living spaces.


Landscape and exterior lighting systems not only add curb appeal and atmosphere to your home, they increase safety and exterior security. The investment can even increase your home’s property value.

Is a Low-Voltage LED System Right for My Home?

LED Power Savings
The number one reason for choosing LED lighting is power consumption. This can save up to 80% in comparison to older bulbs that have equal lighting output.

LED Design Potential

The days of harsh, white LEDs are long gone. The lighting technology now offers any hue you desire, adding a new level of beauty to your exterior and endless creativity to lighting design.

LED Longevity

Although LEDs can come at a higher up-front cost, the longevity is unmatched. Lights can last up to 20 years in comparison to halogen which will start to burn out bulbs in a few years.

Smart Lighting Systems

Add the convenience of lighting your outdoor space at exactly the moment you want it. Add a timer, remote control, or smartphone integration to your system.

Landscape Lighting Installation

New outdoor lighting system design goes beyond a simple install. It’s an art form. We work with you to help design an outdoor space you’ll love. Our experienced technicians can help share helpful ideas to turn your vision into reality.

Landscape Lighting Repair

Have a system that’s not quite functioning right? We can help isolate issues in your current system and provide a free estimate on repairs. Working with electricity in areas exposed to the elements should be approached with caution. Contact us to safely troubleshoot system issues.

Landscape Lighting Retrofit

Could your existing system use an updated look? Landscape lighting options have greatly advanced recent years. Modern LED fixtures not only save electricity, the range of lighting hue options can challenge traditional bulbs in all facets.

Contact us to discuss your next project. We offer free estimates and upfront pricing.

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